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Vital Controls was incorporated in 2008 with one service center located in Redcliff AB, since then we have branched out to Brooks, AB. We will continue to grow our share in the oil and gas market, and expand our reach through diversification into new markets in Western Canada and beyond.  Vital Controls Inc excels in E&I Maintenance, Plant Turnarounds, and PM Scheduling.


Our construction services range from installation of compressor panels to plant expansions and upgrades.


Our goal is to instill complete customer confidence in each project we undertake, and we strive for excellence by providing continuous training and setting high performance standards for all of our employees. Safety and quality are our top priority.



Vital Controls has developed complete and extensive programs in quality, health, safety and environment policies.


We are committed to supplying high quality products and services while continuously focusing on performance improvement.


Our success is based on our commitment to quality. We take pride in the products and services we offer our clients.  Our management philosophy is governed by our dedication to quality and how we approach our business.



Vital Controls follows and exceeds industry requirements and practices ensuring our clients and employees maintain a healthy and safe working environment at all times.


We take the health and safety of our employees seriously by implementing an effective safety program to protect our workforce, customers, public property, the environment and all worksite properties from safety hazards.  We strive to ensure a safe return home at the end of each day; our workforce is our most valuable asset.


Vital Controls requires all employees, contractors and third-party sub-contractors to adhere to our health and safety program. We have built a framework for maintaining a healthy and safe working environment by continually monitoring and exercising industry regulations and best practices.


Our on-going programs and initiatives include:


  • Hazard Centric Approach - an initiative that engages employees in recognizing high risk, high hazard job tasks and developing safe work procedures and training initiatives to mitigate or eliminate risks 

  • Safety Stand Down - our executives, management and safety team actively participate in Safety Stand Down activities throughout the year 

  • Certificate of Recognition - for having a health and safety program that exceeds approved standards 

  • Partners in Injury Reduction Program - active partner with Alberta Employment and Immigration and Workers' Compensation Board

  • Compliance with government regulations, industry standards and our company safety program.

  • Safety training for all employees/subcontractors and orientation of safe work practices.

  • Cooperation with other contractors in providing safe worksites.

  • Providing and maintaining appropriate safety equipment.

  • Immediate reporting of all incidents and accidents.


At Vital Controls, we understand that we can all make a positive impact on the people and the environment around us. We want to make a difference in the industry by becoming champions of change as we aspire to be the industry leaders in innovation and sustainability.


We believe that the level of service provided to our customers is just as important as our environmental awareness and climate responsibility.


By proactively promoting green energy ideas and implementing waste reducing techniques and systems, we can help your company have a more positive impact on the environment all while increasing profits.  We have multiple solutions to offer oil and gas based companies in regards to reducing carbon emissions, waste management, green solutions and efficient processing.


From implementing low-bleed pneumatic devices to recycling waste gas for fuel gas, we can help you meet your emissions targets and save you money!


Contact us today to see how we can help you make a difference in the industry.


We believe that we have a Corporate Social Responsibility to make a positive impact not only in the energy industry but on the communities around us.


Vital Controls continues to sponsor different community teams, events, and activities, contact us today for more information.


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