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Vital Controls specifically tailors to the need of our customers by offering ongoing maintenance and support programs. Vital Controls has developed and/or adapted to existing preventative maintenance programs that help reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies. We’ve built our reputation on our service and our workforce is on call 24 hours to help our clients minimize downtime and keep their facilities and equipment in operation.


Vital Controls E & I tradesmen are trained to provide our clients with the expertise to service their equipment and facilities efficiently. 

Vital Controls maintenance services include: 


  • 24 Hour On-Call Service

  • Troubleshooting (Facilities/Wellsites/Pumpjacks)

  • Plant Turnarounds

  • PM Planning and Scheduling (minimizing downtime)

  • Servicing Pneumatic and Electronic Controls

  • Calibrations – Fire/Gas/Transmitters/Meters

  • Compressor Control Panel Services

  • Burner Systems


By offering comprehensive 24/7/365 service and maintenance, Vital Controls is dedicated to helping clients build, optimize and maintain their systems. Our network of branches across SOUTHERN ALBERTA and BEYOND offer a wide range of field services for the installation, on-going maintenance, calibration, programming and troubleshooting of electrical, instrumentation and control systems.


  • Plant turn-around assistance

  • Preventative maintenance programs 

  • Electric and pneumatic compressor maintenance programs 

  • Fire, LEL, H2S and other toxic gas analyzers 

  • PLC, DCS and SCADA programming and maintenance 

  • Valve maintenance and repairs 

  • Burner and combustion applications 

  • B149.3 compliancy and efficiency testing 


  • Transmitters

  • Switches 

  • Pneumatic or electric



• Burner Management System (B149.3) Installation & Service

• Carbon Credits for Compressor Slipstream Installs

• Compressor Control Panel Installation and Service (Remvue, Allen Bradley, pneumatic, etc.)

• Instrument Air Dryer Service and Repair

• Fire and Gas Detections System Installation and Maintenance

• Oil Production Facility Control and Maintenance Service

• Flow Meter Proving (Portable & Bench)

• System Commissioning

• Measurement Device Calibrations (ZEDI, Driflows, Rosemount, etc.)

• Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
• Valve Repair

• Chemical Pump Repair or Exchange Service

• Equipment Rentals

• ABSA Certified Pressure Testing

• H2S Analyzer Installation,  Calibration and Repair


• Grounding Grid and Point System Installations

• Control System Wiring for PLC’s and DCS Systems

• Genset Inspection

• Electrical Thermal Imaging

• Electrical PM Scheduling (lighting, motors, drives and utilities)

• Heat Trace / Cable / Tray / Conduit and Wiring Services

• Site and Plant Commissioning Services

• Electrical Well, Plant and Pipeline Construction 

• Pump Off Controller Installation and Servicing (SAM, Unico)

• VFD Drives Installation and Maintenance

• Frac Fluid Heating Trailers Utilizing Electric Motors and VFD’s

• Cathodic System Maintenance


• SCADA / Telemetry Equipment

• Pumps (pneumatic and electric)

• Battery Chargers

• Level Control: (pneumatic, electric, electronic, radar)

• Measurement Equipment

• Personal Monitors

• Temperature and Pressure Switches

• Control, Dump, ESD Valves

• Engine Controls

• Instrument Air Filters & Desiccant

• Fire and Gas Detection

• Instrument Air Dryers

• Protective Cases

• Turbines, Totalizers and PD Meters

• Solar Panels

• Burner Controls - includes spark arrestors, burners, igniters, etc.

• Catadyne Heaters

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