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Green Energy Solutions

Do you have a gas compressor at your facility? Did you know that you can reuse wasted gas to supplement some of your engine fuel gas to run your compressor? Not only will this save you money but it will reduce your carbon footprint! At Vital Controls we have partnered with some of the top green energy companies to come up with ways to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions all while creating carbon credits. We can show you how you can turn your wasted vent gas from reboilers, instrument vents, storage tanks, packing vents and membrane dryers into free fuel gas. The system we implement will reduce emissions and virtually destroy any VOCs or BTEXs from reboilers, lowering workers exposure to harmful compounds and reducing any negative environmental impact. Contact us today to find out how we can help you reduce your emissions and save you money!


Contact us today for more information.

Gravimetric Bench & Portable Prover

Located at our Redcliff location, we've custom built a high quality, Gravimetric Calibration Bench for proving flow meters. Our one of a kind Air Ram System makes calibrating flow meters quick and efficient giving our customers fast results and the most accurate information. Capable of proving meters from 3/8" to 4".


We have successfully completed construction of our 

Portable Gravimetric Prover that is now ready to tackle your meter proving in the field. 


Contact us today for more information.

Stainless Steel Tubing

All of our techs have extensive training and experience bending and installing stainless steel tubing. 

Including but not limited to pneumatic panels, pneumatic end devices (switches, transmitters, etc), glycol heat trace, chemical injection, and much more!


Not only do we offer tubing and installation services to our various oilfield, industrial and commercial customers, we also offer sub-contracting to larger construction companies!


Contact us today for more information.

Instrument Air System Optimization

Did you know that optimizing your Instrument Air System and upgrading old controls to low bleed technology could equal big savings? At Vital Controls, we specialize in Instrument Air Dryers and have worked with various manufacturers to develop a maintenance and efficiency program to determine optimal run times and peak performance for Instrument Air Dryer components. With the use of a Dewpoint Analyzer, we have the ability to accurately and efficiently measure a dewpoint in any air system, allowing us to determine the best way to optimize any Instrument Air Dryer. Don't have an Air Dryer System? Don't worry, we can scope out the best options for your facility and install it for you! We also have solutions for switching to low-bleed pneumatic instruments while still providing accurate and efficient control.


Contact us today to find out how to we can help you run a more economical Instrument Air System.

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